Become a Manager!

Enter the world of football and step into the shoes of a real football manager where the fate of your club depends on you. Set tactics for your team based on the current dispositon of your players, trade on the transfer market and take part in SBC (Squad Burn Challenge) which reinforce your squad to another unique NFT cards. Fight for promotion and lead your team to victory!


The transfer list is available on the largest NFT exchange platform - AtomicHub where users can buy and sell their NFT cards.


Become the owner of the stadium and organize football tournaments! Earn 20% of the match day and during tournaments every day The game will feature 100 stadiums scattered around the world. The list of currently available stadiums can be found on our website

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EFM Token

E-FootballManager Token is based on Blockchain Binance and is 500 million.
Players earn tokens by playing matches and by trading on the market.
The EFM Tokens can also be used to buy packs with soccer players NFT cards.


Q3 2021
Start BETA

Start Beta version Game with transaction in Tron and NFT Cards.
Simple Match Simulation.
Packages System.
Run NFT Cards in AtomicHub Whitelist.

Q4 2021
New InGame possibilities

Stadiums System
Simple Tactic System
Team Reserves and Coach
Burn Squad. Universal system to Change Team for 1 or more Special Player

Q1 2022
Expanding the game

Migrate TRC-20 Token to BEP-20, SWAP system and Listing in MarketCap
Simulation System V1.5
New UX Design and Blog.

Q2 2022
EFMT Token

Start betting in Tournaments.
Increasing the possibilities of footballers
Stadium Upgrade
Start First Tournament

Q3 2022

End Beta version. Full Simulation of match.

Partners and Integrations

Ver. 0.42.20