NFT Football Manager

Join To Game and start collect NFT players card and Earn Tron for played matches


June 2021
Start BETA

Start Beta version Game with transaction in Tron and NFT Cards. Simple Match Simulation. Packages System.

July 2021
Official WAX Whitelist

Run NFT Cards in AtomicHub Whitelist.

November 2021
Burn Squads Challenge

Universal system to Change Team for 1 or more Special Player

November 2021
Tournaments System

Start First Tournament with Big Prizes

December 2021

End Beta version. Full Simulation of match. First starts Tournaments in Game.

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Check Footballers

Play and Earn TRON Crypto

Create your team and earn your matchday earnings every day.
Every match day, 50% of earnings from NFT cards of players goes to the division among teams in the league.
The better your team, the more you earn on match day.

Open packs with players and trade them on Wax AtomicHub Market
Build a strong team to win the highest trophies with!

Fight to win the league! 25% of earnings from packages goes to the season pool, which after 40 matches could give the winning team thousands of dollars in the Tron cryptocurrency.
Never before have there been so much wins in a game!

Ver. 0.4