E-FootballManager Token (EFMT)

Official game token based on the BEP-20 blockchain.
Smart Contract: 0xbdcfbb4a7587d2a5ac3fa39abc0669e00468f14f

EFMT is the official cryptocurrency of the game. It was developed on the BEP-20 architecture. Thanks to EFMT, players will be paid every match day outside of TRX, which, like TRX, will be available in private TRON accounts. The cryptocurrency will be available for the purchase of in-game packages, trading on exchanges and, in the future, also the purchase of stadiums and team additions.

Token SWAP from TRC-20

Starting swap Tokens from TRC-20 Chain to BEP-20 Chain.
30.01.2022 End Swap system. From that day on, the game will only use EFMT token based on BEP-20.Private Tron wallets will cease to function, there will be no possibility of withdrawals from private Tron wallets.


Token Distribution Info

Match Day

Every day, 500 EFMT are added to the daily prizes for each league for distribution among players. The difference between the TRX and EFMT division is the lack of the need for players to purchase packages and the commission is 0%

500 EFMT / 100 Matches in league day = 5 EFMT for match. The winner gets 90% of this amount, the loser gets 10%. The tie is split 50%


Each tournament started with a 75% attendance will receive 2,500 EFMT to be distributed as a prize in the same form that will apply to the tournament in the case of TRX.

Top 8 Teams in tournament win TRX in prize pool. For 8th place, the prize is 5% of the tournament pool. This team will receive 2,500 EFMT * 5% = 125 EFMT


The stadium pool of 500 EFMT has been added to the daily pool. It is divided into stadiums in proportion to the number of matches played in a given stadium.

100 Matches in league day, 40% in Madrid Stadium = 200 EFMT daily

Difficulty in getting EFMT

The amounts mentioned above are not constant. They will be reduced with each achieved level of EFMT cryptocurrency transactions.
Below are the levels and rates that will apply when they are exceeded.
The difficulty will positively affect cryptocurrency prices in the future.

  • 1 Level: < 500 Transactions = 500 EFMT in Day Match for Teams and Stadiums
  • 2 Level: > 500 Transactions = 250 EFMT in Day Match for Teams and Stadiums
  • 3 Level: > 1000 Transactions = 150 EFMT in Day Match for Teams and Stadiums, 1500 For Tournaments
  • 4 Level: > 10000 Transactions = 100 EFMT in Day Match for Teams and Stadiums, 1000 For Tournaments
  • 4 Level: > 100000 Transactions = 50 EFMT in Day Match for Teams and Stadiums, 500 For Tournaments

Token Price

The price of the EFMT token will depend on its market value. Depending on the stock exchange price, the prices of packages may change, but the minimum price converter in the game will be 1 TRX = 5 EFMT. When the market price is higher, the conversion factor will decrease.

1 Bilion

Total supply of EFMT.
Earn only in Game
After 10.01.2022 50% of EFMT has been Burned and starting Burn Tokens System

300 Daily

150 in the pool for each league to be split into teams and 150 for stadiums

2500 on Start

A starting EFMT pool for each organized tournament in the game

Road Map

October 2021
Start EFMT

Create EFMT on BEP-20 Blockchain. Starting Add EFMT to teams and stadiums pending payment wallets

November 2021
EFMT Sender Service

Start send EFMT from pending payments to private Tron accounts in Game

December 2021
Coin Listings

Add EFMT to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Further expansion of EFMT

Add EFMT for More Crypto Exchanges and Swap.

The EFMT token will be made even more attractive by the gameplay offered in the game. Now players will have an additional opportunity to earn and develop their football team at the same time.
Ver. 0.41.17