E-FootballManager is a Full Multiplayer Game Based on Tron Crypto and Wax NFT Cards.
To play user must register on E-FootballManager.com and create / login to Wax Wallet Account
NFT is the shortcut of the non-fungible token“ word with in the simplest translation mean “non-exchangeable token”. NFT is a digital resource. One asset doesn’t have no other identical counterpart. It is a virtual certificate based on blockchain technology, assigned to various digital properties. It differs from popular cryptocurrencies in the said non-convertibility. This category of cryptographic tokens cannot be exchanged in pairs. The NFT can be purchased or resold as a single asset. In the game the NFT cards are players, football stadium and the game style whose values are established and cannot be changed. The number of cards will decrease when the rating of a given player's card is changed and exceeds it.
Cryptocurrency Tron arise in Singapore and her creator is Justin Sun. The goal of TRON was to create a global, fully free entertainment content system using smart contracts. TRON is immune to external influences, and no government or organization can interfere with the blockchain. Funds located there cannot be confiscated or frozen. In the game, Tron cryptocurrency is used to buy packages with NFT cards, to reward teams for league and tournament matches played, taking high deposits during the season and rewarding stadiums for matches played there.
To top up Tron, the top menu, click on the amount of Tron on the account, after the window appears, transfer the appropriate amount of Tron to the private address of your game account or use the payment gateways to buy Tron by providing the private address of the Tron cryptocurrency in the game. After the Cryptocurrency is transferred, it should be booked within 5 minutes, in exceptional cases (e.g. when the Tron network is heavily loaded), it may take longer.
You can withdraw Tron by clicking on the Tron account balance in the top menu and then going to the "Withdraw" tab in the window. In the form, enter the address of your private Tron wallet, the amount must be higher than 100 and then click "Withdraw Now". The system will verify the correctness of the transaction within 15 minutes and send the funds to the previously provided Address.
Packages are available after going to the Packs -> Shop tab. After selecting the package, we are interested in, click Buy for XXX - where XXX means the amount in the Tron cryptocurrency held on a private account in the game. After checking the account status and verifying the user, the system will start drawing the package. When the draw is over, the red arrow above the draw indicates the player who has been drawn.
The probability depends on the package selected by the user, each of the packages has three levels of probability, each level means a percentage chance of receiving a player card with a given general rating or higher.
To be able sell players cards on the AtomicHub market, go to the website: https://wax.atomichub.io/market then log in to the account with which the game account is linked. The next step is to go to the inventory tab in the top-right menu, after clicking on the account name. After our NFT cards collections show up, we search for them from the "footballgame" collection, then select the card we are interested in and click on the list on market. In the window shown, enter the price we are interested in in the WAX cryptocurrency and confirm the transaction.
To be able to buy players cards on the AtomicHub market, go to the website: https://wax.atomichub.io/market then log in to the account with which the game account is linked. On the left, in the filters, enter "footballgame" as a collection, find and select the card you are interested in, and then confirm the purchase in the window shown. In order for the card to be visible in the game, go to the game, go to the team-player listand click the "reload from AtomicHub" button.

- SHO – shooting
- PAS - passing
- DRI - dribbling
- SPE - speed
- DEF - defense
- PHY - physically
The first larger flag indicates the nationality of the player, the second smaller flag indicates the player's preferred league. On the basis of connections between players in a given formation, the chemistry of a player is calculated (in progress).
To add a player to the squad, go to the team tab, then click on the position that interests us on the displayed formation on the football pitch. In the window shown, select the player who is to hit the given position. Each player that is already selected in the squad is highlighted in red.

- GK – Goalkeeper


- CB - Center Back
- LB - Left Back
- RB - Right Back
- LWB - Left Wing back
- RWB - Right Wing back


- CDM - Center Defensive Midfielder
- CM - Central Midfielder
- CAM - Central Attacking Midfielder
- LM - Left Midfielder
- LW - Left Winger
- RM - Right Midfielder
- RW - Right Winger


- CF - Center Forward
- ST - Striker
- RF - Right Forward
- LF - Left Forward
A player's chemistry is calculated on the basis of the preferred position on the player's card and the position in which he was placed in the squad. When the position is different from the preferred position, chemistry is reduced by seven points. On the other hand, when the position in the squad is close to the preferred position, chemistry is reduced by three points. There are several approximate positions:
- LB <-> LWB
- RB <-> RWB
- CB <-> CDM
- CDM <-> CM
- CM <-> CAM
- LM <-> LW <-> LF
- RM <-> RW <-> RF
- CF <-> ST
Before the start of a league match, the league table is divided into two halves, then an opponent from a specific half of the table is drawn for each team. Each team plays twenty matches against the teams from the first half of the table and twenty games from the second half of the table. This gives real and even games and protects teams from playing matches only with stronger or weaker teams.
League match prizes come from the sale of player cards packs. From each package sold, 50% goes to the daily prize pool for the league in which the buyer of the package plays his matches. After the matches are played, the daily pool is evenly divided between all played games. The winning team will receive a 20% bonus for the match won and the losing team will lose 20% of their profit for the match day.
the second parameter is the percentage difference in the overall rating of the teams. The stronger the team, the greater the percentage of the prize will be allocated.

Each stadium will be able to set a percentage margin for the match played there, but not more than 20% and not less than 1%.

The rewards for the seasonal match come from the sale of packs of player cards. From each package sold, 25% goes to the pool of seasonal prizes, in which the buyer of the package plays his matches. The first 50 places in the league are rewarded with a percentage of the entire seasonal pool. Currently, the percentage breakdown is as follows:
- 1-st place 20%
- 2 to 5 place 5%
- 6 to 20 place 2%
- 21 to 50 place 1%
There are six basic attributes on the player's card, which include:
- SHO – shooting, this affects the accuracy and effectiveness of the shots fired by a given player
- PAS, passing affects the accuracy of passing a given player to other players
- DRI, dribble affects the keeping of the player with the ball when the opponent presses and the chances of passing the defender
- SPE, affects the speed of the player's movement on the field
- DEF, affects the positioning of the player in defense and the chance of effective pickup
- PHY, physically affects the effectiveness of physical duels and the condition of the player
There can be a maximum of 500 teams in a league
There are 40 matches in the season.
Each league has an imposed hour of playing matches in Central European time.
The referral system allows you to earn 5% from each package purchased by the person who registered from your referral link. You can find this link by clicking on the Tron account status and then going to the referral tab. Each of your referrals is assigned to you for life.
The stadiums that are NFT cards in the game are places where each team has to play its league match. The game will feature 200 stadiums scattered around the world. The owner of a given stadium sets a margin in percent’s that he adds for each match played at his stadium.
Tournaments are special events where matches will be played in the knockout system. The tournament will be open to a team that will meet all the requirements of the event, such as the team's overall rating, initial payment or specific player cards. Players with their own stadium will be able to create their own tournaments to be played in their own stadium.
The Burn Challenge squad will allow players to burn specific Player cards in order to obtain another stronger Player card.
League promotion drop end 1 day before end season league. All funds that have been raised for sale for a given league the day before the end of the league go to the seasonal pool in the exchange of 1 WAX = 1 TRX. For example, 100 cards sold for 15 WAX will add 1500 TRX to the seasonal pool.
Ver. 0.42.20