2021-08-26 at 21:45:00

0 Match Start! BornLosers
2 Goooal! shooting team: Zaratuvenus
4 Corner kick for: Zaratuvenus
10 Corner kick for: BornLosers
25 Goooal! shooting team: BornLosers
26 Corner kick for: BornLosers
29 Corner kick for: Zaratuvenus
31 Missed shot! shooting team: BornLosers
35 Missed shot! shooting team: Zaratuvenus
36 A good shot! shooting team: BornLosers
40 Offside! offside team: BornLosers
49 Goooal! shooting team: BornLosers
53 Corner kick for: Zaratuvenus
56 Corner kick for: Zaratuvenus
60 A good shot! shooting team: Zaratuvenus
66 Offside! offside team: BornLosers
73 Goooal! shooting team: BornLosers
79 Goooal! shooting team: BornLosers
90 End of the match! Winner Is BornLosers

The 17 round match in the 2 season German First League between BornLosers and Zaratuvenus will be played on 2021-08-26 at 21:45:00. Schedule time to follow this match now. Using NFT cards, managers have created strong teams that will fight for 3 points. E-footballManager This is the only football game based on NFT and its own cryptocurrency, thanks to which teams such as BornLosers and Zaratuvenus can play football matches among themselves and earn money on it. E-footballManager is a Play to Earn game with NFT Cards and the (EFMT) E-FootballManager Token crypto .

Ver. 0.42.20