Privacy Policy

Popular cookies are small text information (files) sent by a web server and usually saved on the user's end device (e.g. a computer's hard drive), containing data about its activity in the network.

Why do we use them?

First of all, to adjust the content of the website, and thus the displayed content, to the individual preferences of the user, optimizing its browsing. In other words - to make it faster, easier and friendlier to use. They also help in adjusting advertising content and creating anonymous statistics, excluding personal user identification.
We use two types of cookies: Session cookies - temporary, remaining on the user's device until logging out of the website or turning off the browser Permanent
- remaining on the user's device for a specified period of time or until they are manually deleted.
Important: cookies used by our partners, including in particular website users, are subject to their own privacy policy.


Personal data collected using cookies are encrypted, preventing unauthorized access and may be collected only for the purpose of performing specific functions for the user.


To block the downloading of cookies (in whole or in a specific part), change the default browser settings to automatically handle them. However, then the operation and functionality of our website may be significantly limited. It will also prevent the collection of anonymous information about the use of our services, necessary for their further improvement. Information on the handling of cookies is available in the software (browser) settings.

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