General Terms of Use

1. General provisions:

The website offered by the Administrator is intended for entertainment purposes. The user has no right to use it for profit or business purposes.
A prerequisite for using the Website is the acceptance of the Regulations and the General Terms of Use.
The use of the Website is free of charge.
The administrator reserves the right to make additions to these Regulations and the General Terms of Use, and it is the responsibility of the user to read them again.
The user is responsible for the timeliness and suitability of the software and hardware used by him.

2. Privacy

The Administrator is obliged to store and process the User's personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. During registration on the website, the user agrees to the processing and storage of the e-mail address for statistical and marketing purposes.
The user may at any time change or delete the personal data entered.

3. Using the pages of the Website

The user is obliged to comply with the provisions of the applicable legal system and these Regulations.
The User is fully responsible for his actions and for all Content that has been posted by his account on the Website.
The User agrees that the Administrator will use the entered data and added Content for the purpose of running the Website.

The user is obliged to:
not to introduce any material to the Website for the purposes of business, advertising or trade; unless with the consent of the Administrator,
not use the access to the Website or information collected through it for the purpose of sending unsolicited commercial information (so-called spam).

The User is not allowed to use dishonest methods in using the Website. In particular, the following are considered unfair methods:
pretending to be another User,
the use of proxy gateways that modify / hide the User's IP address in order to repeatedly vote for content, bypassing blocks in streams, etc.

The user undertakes to refrain from taking any action that would disturb or threaten the functioning of the website or individual services made available there. He also undertakes not to access data for which he is not authorized to use.
The Administrator reserves the right to block, in particularly justified cases, the use of the Website with the use of a specific IP address. The request to remove the blockade is subject to consideration in the complaint procedure.
The User is responsible for all actions taken on the Website using the Login and Password chosen by him as well as the e-mail address used during registration.

The User is prohibited from posting or disseminating on the Service Provider's websites, especially within the framework of the communication possibilities provided, content that:
violate the applicable law, social order or moral norms,
infringe the rights to the brand, patents, utility models, copyrights, company secrets or other rights of third parties,
give a false impression that they come from the Administrator or are accepted by it,
contain personal data of third parties who have not consented to their disclosure,
are promises or calls for promises of material benefits arising from the use of the Website.

The administrator informs that any noticed cases of possible abuse may be reported via the e-mail address: [email protected]

4.Sanctions and Powers of the Administrator

In the event of a violation of the rules of using the Website contained in these Regulations, violation of the law, or behavior found by the Website administrator as violating the rules of using it, the Administrator is entitled to take and implement actions to eliminate such behavior, in particular:
sending a private message to the User with a warning,
permanent or temporary blocking of the User's account,
to delete the User's account
The administrator has the right to remove Content that infringes the law or to change the regulations.
During the temporary exclusion, the User has no right to re-register on the Website.
The administrator reserves the right to permanently block the user's account without giving any reason.

5. Administration

The owner of the website is: Mateusz Damazyn,
VAT ID: 9671351116,
ul. Bartosza GÅ‚owackiego 51/113, 85-717 Bydgoszcz, Poland
[email protected]


6. Unavailability of the site

The administrator provides access to services on average 94% of days a year. The remaining dates are intended for maintenance works on the server or repair interventions.
The administrator undertakes to inform the user 7 days in advance in the event of long-term scheduled unavailability of the website.

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